Come as you who you are.  At ASTOUND, our people are the heart and soul of our company.  We want to create a place where people can be their authentic selves, do their best work and be tied to a greater purpose in the work that they do.

Problem Solving

Thinking big, creatively and out of the box is core to what we do.  Problem Solving is a key component of  the work that ASTOUND is involved in. Whether a client is trying to transform their organization, revolutionize or breakthrough their industry; we study, research and apply relevant trends and data wherever we need to; we approach it with a problem solving and creative mindset


ASTOUND respects and appreciates the power of diverse thinking. We are constantly working to maximize every person's contribution, from our employees to our customers and partners; this ensures that we can innovate through a much more organic process.


Partnerships and relationships are essential to business; we are in a global marketplace and understand that these relationships are need to understand cross-cultural environments and to leverage each others strengths.

Give Back

We believe in making the world a better place. We encourage our employees to volunteer their time, help those in need and to support the causes that they believe in.

Community Involvement

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What our Employees say

I am so happy to be working at ASTOUND because it is really a growing company.
Growing companies and grown-up companies are totally different.
Once it is a grown-up company, we have really nothing to do…but growing companies
have a lot of chances to learn more things and train new people.
In addition, ASTOUND has people from all different countries bringing in so many different cultures and practices.

Leeba Jose Accounts Payable Supervisor

ASTOUND, for me, represents passion and innovation and forward-thinking.
Above all, I have never worked for a company that’s taken more risks
and been successful in that and that is exciting stuff to be part of!
I get up every morning and I want to go to work.
It’s tough to leave the family, but at the same time
I know that I’ve got a family here that’s really supportive and fun!

Lindsey Blake VP, Business Development

A day in the Life