Project Lead

Las Vegas, NV

Project Lead

Project Lead

Las Vegas, NV USA


Permanent Full-TIme


Are you looking to join a fast-growing team that works with the world’s most exciting brands? ASTOUND Group is hiring a Project Lead to join our award-winning team.

  • The Project Lead is assigned by operations management at/or shortly following the project launch. The Project Leadís main function is to serve as point of contact between operations and the project manager, and to keep the project manager informed of the projects progress as it moves through the shop, the warehouse, the prep area and to shipping.
  • Through their interaction with the various operations departments and the individual project managers, they will maintain a clear line of communication, acting as a conduit for information flow.
  • Additional specific duties include distributing work orders, and detailed construction drawings and making sure older versions are destroyed. They also maintain the job folder for the entire operations team by ensuring it contains all the current documentation associated with the project.†
  • The Project Lead acts as the right hand of the project manager through production, prep and installation phase of a project.
  • Project Leads are senior leaders in Operations and exemplify ASTOUND's core values and leadership qualities.
  • They are highly competent, experienced and hard-working and always go the extra mile to ensure that a project is show ready when leaving the ASTOUND shop.
  • Under the direct management of the Operations Manager the Project Lead is responsible for pulling together all of the elements of an exhibit, quality checking 3rd party assets and materials and ensuring that the project is prepped and ready to ship. The Project Lead also reports into the PM and works in tandem with them to ensure the timely delivery of a project.
  • The Project Lead works with the Production Manager and Operations Manager to ensure that all the details communicated by the Project Manager through work orders are followed through on.
  • The Project Lead, along with Project Manager both sign off on all preps
  • The Project Lead is responsible for communicating any issues or delays promptly to the Project Manager.
  • The Project Lead monitors hours spent on their assigned projects and plays a key role in the overall profitability of a project.
  • Project Leads act much like Site Leads, but within the shop.
  • Project Leads will also be assigned to travel to show site to be the site lead, especially on their own projects, but their core responsibility is prepping exhibits so they're show ready no matter who is assigned to the install.
  • Project Leads go the extra mile to provide detailed instructions and adequate labelling, and they also ensure that a copy of the installation drawings can be easily found within the crates.
  • Project Leads are responsible for making sure all of the necessary tools are provided for a project and when ASTOUND property is sent to the show site they are responsible for its safe return.
  • Project Leads are responsible for inspecting the ASTOUND and Client Owned assets upon their return from an event, and for reporting any damage to the project and account managers
  • Project Leads work on the floor and physically work along with a crew as needed and as scheduled by Operations Management)
  • Project Leads do minimal paperwork and are supported by the Project Management team, when copies of orders, show binders or detail drawings are needed.
  • Some additional specific responsibilities are listed below.


  • Create Project Folder when job is launched to Operations
  • Attend launch meetings and complete checklist
  • Distribute Job Requests (JR) and Scope of Work (SOW) to appropriate operations personnel and to place a copy in the 'Active' hanging file pocket
  • Maintain copies of JRs, SOWs, detailed shop and installation drawings, and any other important job related documentation in the project folder
  • Take photos of sub jobs after Bench Assembly and Finish Assembly steps have been completed and upload to Salesforce
  • Review completed contents lists and send to be digitized
  • Notify appropriate manager, supervisor, or specialist of any special requests by project managers
  • Ensure any special request is submitted via the proper process (job request / change request / new updated SOW version) unless it takes 15 minutes or less to complete
  • Complete the onsite packet with content lists, shipping labels, and setup details
  • Attend site meetings with contents list and picklist or SOW
  • Print out graphic proofs for reference
  • Direct installation labor onsite
  • Sign-off on hours spent on installation at the close of each day
  • Handle any onsite issues and keep project manager informed as to status


  • Skilled installer
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to manage and motivate a crew of staging technicians and installers
  • Can read blueprints and CAD Drawings

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