Specialty Builds

The ASTOUND team of architects, designers, engineers, fabricators, installers and project managers have the knowledge and ability to deliver nearly anything imaginable, anywhere in the world. Whether this is a temporary structure, a challenging permanent installation or a custom vehicle, we compile the correct team of specialists with the experience to correctly plan and deliver even under the most aggressive of critical path schedules. We have collaborated with some of the world’s leading architects, designers, engineers, cultural planners, agencies and producers to deliver a wide range of architectural and live production environments, from bespoke and temporary pavilions, traveling exhibitions and museums to live broadcast productions as well as art installations and sculptures.


Touring exhibitions and environments are complex in design and present build challenges. They have the aesthetic requirements of a permanent space combined with the mandates of total demountability to efficiently travel across all locations of a tour’s program. We perform cost benefit analyses of all concepts at multiple points through design development, so that all aspects of constructability are considered to achieve labor optimization, material durability choice, code compliance, material testing, custom packaging as well as spatial optimization for freight cost minimization are achieved at the initial stages

  • Full interactive & infrastructure planning & delivery
  • National & international logistics planning
  • Constructability, demountability, optimized packaging
  • International code compliance evaluations


ASTOUND offers a comprehensive range of integrated services including master planning, feasibility studies, strategic planning, facility planning, functional programming, interpretive planning, exhibition design, project management and full fabrication. We have collaborated successfully with world renowned cultural and museum planning organizations, conservators and designers - and our cultural projects include museums, mixed-use developments, art galleries, science centres, world expositions and visitor centres. Our clients are in all sectors, including private and public corporations, foundations, governments and non-profit institutions

  • Interpretive planning
  • Concept & design development
  • Traveling & permanent museum exhibitions
  • Digital integration


Understanding the fast-paced crowded retail environment—layout design and strategic product displays throughout the space is vital. ASTOUND works with brands to design customized thematic retail environments that immerse the visitor in the brand experience.

  • Concept & design development
  • Through put analysis
  • Project management
  • Construction management


At the heart of any international sporting event, large festival or cultural celebration, are complex temporary architectural pavilions and artist sculptures that amaze and engage. At ASTOUND, our experienced project managers have successfully coordinated and collaborated within multi-disciplinary teams of specialists to design build some breathtaking structures. All aspects of code compliance and engineering are considered during the design phases, all budget and contract management, and all critical path scheduling risk analysis are monitored and maintained to deliver architectural visions on both land and water.

  • Temporary architecture
  • Membrane structures
  • Glulam structures
  • Steel structures
  • Project management, construction management
  • Full architectural & engineering analysis
  • Design build management, general contracting


We are experts at translating your design vision into physical reality. Our vast experience ranges across both the artistic and the technical giving us a unique perspective on combining form with function. Our team has state of the art fabrication equipment at their disposal to bring your design to life both accurately and cost effectively.

  • Concept & design development
  • 3D printing & laser cutting
  • Interactive planning
  • 5-axis milling
  • Sculpting
  • Custom painting

Specialty Build Projects

  • 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta

    A completely interactive exploration of the 800 year old Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest, transported overseas from the UK for the first time ever.

  • Coca-Cola - 100th Anniversary of the Coca Cola Contour Bottle

    The traveling exhibition for the 100th Anniversary of the Coca Cola Contour Bottle brought visitors through a completely immersive Coca Cola experience.

  • Volkswagen - Press Conference at CES

    A custom stage and back drop designed, fabricated and installed for Volkswagen's inaugural media event at the Consumer Electronics Show.