The Innovation Center was designed from the perspective of the customer and how the different technologies and innovations supports American Water’s ability to provide Safe, Clean, Reliable, and Affordable water.

ASTOUND created all the soft content and programming for three areas within the Innovation Center. The Past was conveyed via an elongated display monitor with swipe capability. The Present was conveyed by a series of wall mounted touchscreens that allowed you to explore a make believe island city and see how AmWater utilized technology to deliver water, and the Future was told via a video playing on a large monitor produced to explain the urban water cycle.



The visitor would enter the building at street level and register with the receptionist. The Innovation Center is on this ground floor. Individual visitors can browse unescorted thru the experience. Groups are scheduled and have a tour guide to direct the flow. It’s America Water’s desire that all visitors walk away for a greater knowledge of what they go thru to deliver customers a superior product and a further appreciation of water as a community resource.