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A Message From Our Founder


Posted by Dale Morgan, Founder & CEO - December 30, 2020  

|  Topics: Culture


August 1, 2020, marked ASTOUND’s 20th anniversary. When starting the company out of my second bedroom that day in 2000, I never could have dreamed of the heights we would reach. The projects that we would be part of. The brands we’d work with, and most importantly, the people I would meet and relationships I would make.

Likewise this year, I could have never foreseen a global pandemic that would threaten the core of our business. In twenty years I’ve become accustomed, even a veteran, of navigating ups and downs, recessions, international crisis, you name it. But this? This was altogether different. This was overwhelming. This would require us to rethink, and yes even reinvent our company. We had big plans in 2020. Our 20th anniversary year was to be our biggest, most successful ever. Until it wasn’t. We canceled the 20th Anniversary Bash. The crisis became real. Fast. 

Times of crisis dictate evolution, and I’m incredibly proud of how our company reacted. The pandemic forced us to take a hard look at who we were. In truth, it provided an opportunity for us to evaluate and dedicate the time and effort to growing other aspects of our business. Despite the challenging year, I’m thrilled to share with you that we have experienced growth in multiple new lines of business in 2020. As a result, we will continue to expand our organization, invest in our employees and in our communities.

And as far as the future is concerned? I couldn’t be more pumped for 2021! ASTOUND is a stronger, more focused, increasingly specialized complete organization. This year has made us better and ready to take on new challenges. I can’t wait to see the heights we will reach in 2021. And I can’t wait for the time when we can reschedule that Anniversary Bash. 

It’s typical to close a letter like this with “Happy Holidays” and "Happy New Year" which, yes, I certainly wish for you and yours. However, I would be remiss if I just didn’t simply say, “thanks.” Thank you for your support, your confidence, and yes, your business. Without it, that fledgling business that I began twenty years ago, would have not grown into what it is today.

Best Wishes,


About Dale Morgan, Founder & CEO

Dale Morgan is the epitome of a self-starter who’s driven to succeed. At 24 years old with a passion for design, events and custom building, Morgan founded ASTOUND Group in 2001 with a handful of employees and a business plan. Fast forward to today, ASTOUND is recognized globally as a design and fabrication powerhouse having serviced some of the world’s biggest brands in nearly 30 countries. Under Morgan’s leadership, has been recognized repeatedly as one of Canada’s top employers, a top 50 company by Deloitte and is among the 200 fastest growing companies by Profit Magazine.