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Stryker Surgical Technologies partners with ASTOUND to build multi-functional education lab on wheels


Posted by ASTOUND Insider team - January 06, 2021  


Medical education, technology and safety initiatives must continuously evolve to support dynamic clinical and operational challenges.

Stryker, one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, keeps the safety of patients, nurses, surgeons, and caregivers top of mind. This campaign raises awareness through a “Goal of Zero” by helping health care organizations transform their medical work environments to focus on patient and caregiver safety and prioritizing zero harm.


To aid in delivering medical education and showcasing their innovative surgical technologies, Stryker worked directly with ASTOUND to design and develop a unique, multi-functional mobile environment that brings the operating room and new state of the art product demonstrations to medical facilities (via their parking lots) nationwide.

The production of the Stryker Mobile Experience--which began as 53’ trailer flatbed--was built from the ground up and transformed in partnership with world class design and fabrication agency ASTOUND Group. The space is fully modular and transforms easily to host a variety of engagements:

1) Customer experiences and demonstrations showcasing Stryker's products
2) Product training and courses for medical personnel and executive level meetings
3) Operating lab for professional training and workshops,
4) Customer feedback sessions for next-generation products.


The Mobile Experience setup includes four fully equipped surgical lab stations where healthcare professionals can get hands-on experience with Stryker’s latest surgical tools and technologies. The lab can transform seamlessly into a product showcase and ‘Voice Of Customer’ experience where nurses, health care administrators and customers gather to test and interact with Stryker’s products. When the Mobile Experience is required for an executive meeting, all product and training stations can be stored and hidden in the walls to create an elegant conference room with fully integrated audio visual including a drop down projector and screen.

Some notable technology integrations within the Mobile Lab include a two-body cadaver cooler, an industrial dishwasher, sink, HVAC system, dimmable color-changing lighting, a digital projector, surround speakers, 4K screens, and two video cameras to record or stream content throughout the space.

In addition to the Mobile Experience, Stryker and ASTOUND developed a digital campaign to promote the tour and secure bookings. The campaign was centered around a set of custom landing pages which featured an interactive 360 virtual tour of the trailer so that interested professionals could sample the space and demos prior to booking. To keep the main page exciting and dynamic, ASTOUND developed custom animations and visuals using Stryker content that would help engage visitors and add a layer of energy and movement to the page. The pages also included interactive elements such as a timeline module, interactive tour map, and facility assessment form.

Want to learn more about the Mobile Experience? Visit www.safeOR.com to follow along on its tour across the USA.



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