Senior Account Manager

Toronto, ON

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Senior Account Manager

Toronto, ON


Permanent Full-Time


ASTOUND Sr. Account Managers work within the Executive Account Groups as part of the Account Team servicing various client accounts. They will collaborate closely with the Executive Account Owners and/or Account Directors working to develop the overall strategic plans and objectives for our client(s) and their various divisions. In this role, you will lead and manage the extended ASTOUND account team, – Event Directors, Event Managers, Producers, Project Managers, Coordinators etc. - on strategy development, design, pricing, pitch and execution of individual projects, taking responsibility for ensuring that ASTOUND’s output adheres to the client objectives, meets client deadlines and achieves ASTOUND quality standards. As a Sr. Account Manager, you truly are the internal client advocate driving success and then further portfolio growth on the accounts. You will collaborate with the EAO or AD on overall strategic planning and fiscal management for the accounts, supporting both account and project level initiatives. Budget alignment and supervision is an important part of both the client and ASTOUND’s successful partnership.


  • Results oriented
  • A minimum of five (5) years’ experience in an active direct account and customer facing role
  • Previous experience managing a team is an asset but not required
  • Strong Leadership Qualities
  • Demonstrable and proven high level of competency in managing accounts in the exhibits, branded environments, and events industry
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Possesses excellent and professional relationship management and building skills
  • Possesses and applies excellent attention to detail in all duties
  • Proficient in understanding and usage of Salesforce proactively
  • Positive attitude and ability to work in teams
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite software


The Sr. Account Manager is a believer in the client’s business and solving their most interesting problems. They manage the account &/or program initiatives end-to-end and ensure high quality, on-time delivery of work. Accountable for providing oversight and mentoring of team members to ensure deliverables are achieved on time, on budget and on strategy.

  • Be a champion of extraordinary work by providing inspiration, leadership and expertise in the agency's offerings
  • Act as subject matter expert on best practices bringing to bear experience and insight daily
  • Establish and guide appropriate processes for team and client collaboration in order to achieve business success on behalf of the client
  • Excel in presentations in front of the client and external partners and be seen as credible voice on behalf of the agency and as a dynamic champion of extraordinary work
  • Maintain clear and frequent communication with the client in order to ensure alignment regarding roles, responsibilities, budgets, schedules and status
  • Review creative work-in-progress and provide recommendations for strengthening before client presentations
  • Lead the development of scopes of work, budgets, staffing plans and schedules for all work, including incremental and new projects (in partnership with the Event Team & Operations)
  • Manage the profitability of work, be cost-conscious of account handling expenses and alert to opportunities for growth in other project assignments
  • Oversee existing budgets, schedules, and staffing plans (in-house and freelance resources), including ongoing reporting
  • Reports directly to their assigned Executive Account Owner from a Corporate perspective and dotted line reports to the most Sr. Account lead on the account teams they are working on.
  • Works with their Executive Account Owner, VP Account Service & Integration and other Account Directors/Account Managers to execute marketing campaigns, including: client retention campaigns, increasing revenue generated from existing accounts, and new business development | this is supported by the marketing department
  • Proactively maintains excellent reporting in ASTOUND’s CRM system, Salesforce
  • Regularly prepares documentation including but not limited to design briefs, quote requests, and proposals and secures the required approvals internally before presenting such proposals to clients
  • Works with the Account and Event Team to generate contracts, proposals and change orders as required, secures appropriate approvals internally, and maintains accurate records for accounting of all accounts
  • Work with Accounting to assist in the timely collection of all receivables
  • Demonstrates maturity and is a positive role model to employees
  • Works on internal projects and committees as agreed

Account Growth

  • Identify organic growth opportunities within existing business and new revenue streams
  • Maintain a current and intensive knowledge of the client's business in order to direct and contribute to their marketing and advertising plans; using knowledge to anticipate the need for strategic changes
  • Build and maintain effective client relationships, ensuring that all client needs are heard, understood and addressed in a satisfactory way
  • Understand client's business and business needs, allowing the agency to drive the client's business forward and the client to be recognized for extraordinary work
  • Exceed expectations with the overall quality of the work (ideas & impact), yielding recognition from the industry, award shows & clients
  • Understand the brand's DNA Your Mentality & Activity
  • You say “yes” more than you say “no”
  • You demonstrate a strong ability to lead multiple assignments at one time
  • You’re comfortable in front of clients and confident in your role
  • You’re a team player who is strong at collaboration and always willing to support others
  • You are highly organized, with a keen eye for detail
  • You are a believer in your accounts and are diligent about supporting &/or leading account growth planning (and do it on an annual basis for your accounts)
  • You track and update account activity daily. You realize that attention to “Pipeline Accuracy” is imperative to your individual & the organizations success
  • You stick to budgets (pitches and designs) by educating our clients on “what it takes” to accomplish specifics asks. Competencies
  • Drive: Persistent despite challenges, always driving potential long-term payoffs. Develops as many relationships within a client organization as possible to foster partnership.
  • Influencing Others: Works with others to influence the outcome of an event. Employs chains of indirect influence (e.g., "Get A to influence B so B will persuade C."). Uses more than one method to influence and adapts each method to the audience and context. Open to alternative opinions and able to modify an agenda based on the situation.
  • Organizational Sophistication: Understands the organizational structure, its relevant power bases and decision-making processes. Makes sense of the client's organizational culture, including unspoken rules and practices, and how it informs behavior. Uses knowledge to build ongoing relationships internally or with clients to achieve results. Acts in accordance with organizational culture to produce best outcomes.

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