Shop Foreman

Las Vegas, NV


Shop Foreman

Las Vegas, NV

The Shop Foreman is responsible for the overall operation of the build, repair and maintenance functions in the shop. This includes inventory and work order processes, cost control of the shop budget, as well as supervision and mentoring of all the shop employees. The Shop Foreman manages a team of technicians and carpenters to ensure that builds and repairs are performed efficiently, cost effectively, on schedule. The Shop Foreman must organize shop activities in a neat, clean and safe manner to meet scheduled delivery time and is also expected to communicate this information habitually to the rest of the related Astound departments to ensure that all of the quality standards and deadlines are being met.

This position is for the hours of 1:30 p.m. - 9:30 a.m.


  • Skilled carpenter
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to manage and motivate a crew of carpenters
  • Whatever-it-takes attitude
  • Good working knowledge of Excel and Outlook
  • Cost and quality conscious
  • Can read blueprints and CAD Drawings
  • Familiar with common tradeshow techniques


  • Oversees construction of all exhibit properties and other custom build projects for resale or for rental
  • Oversees all employees and in the shop
  • Builds exhibit properties and other custom build projects
  • Reviews work orders and drawings ensuring clear instructions are provided to carpenters and/or vendors, any inconsistencies will be addressed with Production Manager
  • Creates shop drawings to be used through departments for lamination and setup instruction
  • Generates clear drawings/sketches with critical dimensions, and confirms materials to be used as needed
  • Repairs custom rental stock as requested
  • Repairs stored client owned custom exhibit properties as requested
  • Maintains appropriate minimum levels of raw materials and consumable inventory
  • Ensures bill of materials are accurate daily
  • Tracks all jobs currently in the shop and works with Production Manager creating a daily/weekly schedule
  • Uses shop standards and techniques for builds and repairs
  • Directs CNC operator with part requirements and quantities

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