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Scotiabank Arena Kiosk

The interactive Adidas retail experience needed to be versatile, functional, and allow guests to engage with the brand.

As fans entered the kiosk, they could find a mobile, custom infinity mirror to see how they look could look in new Adidas gear. This allowed for easy shareability, as fans could share with a purpose. While designing the booth, we factored in modularity. The booth allowed Adidas to move or replace elements for any special events. The POS desk was designed with functionality. The desk is self-contained, meaning if there are moments of high demand in-store, consumers can locate it more centrally– for easier access and increased security.

Adidas emphasized maintaining their brand DNA as the core of the kiosk. ASTOUND went above and beyond and delivered a premium shopping experience, rather than just a “kiosk”. To account for the two teams that operate from the same arena, the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs, several programmable lighting elements we integrated to allow for a seamless shift between red and blue branding.


Concept design, Engineering, Fabrication, Turnkey Installation