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AI Art Wall

Narrative PR came to ASTOUND looking for a series of ideas and solutions for their clients Summit in Colorado, where attendees could interact with AI-technology in real time.

From scratch, ASTOUND developed the AI Art Wall, utilizing real-time generative image technology (StreamDiffusion) to create an interactive experience for guests. By turning the audience's body and movements into a virtual paintbrush, the interactive art wall captivated people, drawing them in to witness how their likeness was transformed into ever-changing works of art. In addition, the AI Avatar photobooth allowed guests to take live photos and drop them into a custom scene of their choosing, while also including a share out option. Lastly, the case study tunnel displayed client supported AI case studies on a continuous loop, showcasing their product in an immersive way.

ASTOUND was proud to create something innovative and never done before, garnering 5,573 interactions with the AI Art Wall, and 2,102 AI Photos Generated.