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Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics wanted to use the trade show experience at MODEX, to create brand and product awareness for their latest mobile robot.

Stretch is built to maneuver in and out of cargo trucks and tight spaces in a warehouse. Its advanced computer vision delivers fast and precise case detection within a shipping container to aid in unloading.

Therefore, we had to design and produce a demonstration area that simulated a shipping container, so that the robot and its camera could showcase their capabilities in real-time as a fully developed and functional product.

We recommended producing an exhibit that was one of the largest footprints that Boston Dynamics has activated to date – a 50 x 70 ft space with a 350 sq ft double deck. We created a highly visible demo area where participants had an optimal view of the robot, while maintaining participant safety during execution. The intricate features of the robot’s high tech camera were also on display in a separate demo space.


Boston Dynamics successfully positioned themselves as a solutions-based company. By showcasing the technical capabilities of the Stretch robot, they demonstrated credibility and proved that the robot has already become a valuable tool for many brands. The exhibit had consistent levels of audience participation, and Boston Dynamics was pleased with the execution of the exhibit and show engagement.