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XT5 Launch

Cadillac sought out an expert build partner to bring the visions of their ‘daring’ artists to life for a VIP launch event.

To celebrate the Canadian launch of the 2017 XT5 Crossover SUV, Cadillac hosted a VIP media event in Toronto for a selection of key influencers in the media and automotive industries. To excite and entice guests about the Cadillac brand and mantra—Dare Greatly—the luxury car company paired up with a number of ‘Daring’ artists to highlight some of the values and qualities of the brand and new model.

Once greeted at the main level of the Design Exchange museum, guests were led upstairs to the main event space where they were greeted again and had their photo taken in front of one of the hand-crafted artwork features—designed and crafted by Sarah Law. As guests trickled in, artisan cocktails and hors d’oeuvres provided by Toben Food By Design were circulated by servers. Throughout the evening, mandala artist—Lama Losang—worked patiently away at the colorful sand mandala on display underneath the suspended SUV. Once everyone had settled and taken the opportunity to explore the new SUV in-person—which was on display in a hidden high-gloss room equipped with electrifying LED strips—a brief presentation was given to introduce the new XT5 SUV and the ‘Daring Artists’ involved in the event.