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Vending Machine Roll Out

Experience the future of automotive retail at the Carvana interactive car vending machines.

Carvana rolled out a fleet of new car dealerships across the U.S. which all required key pieces to be redesigned and fabricated to improve the appearance, functionality and durability. These pieces include the reception desks, curved back wall, acrylic halo mounted to the ceiling, and a coin machine which activates the Carvana ‘vending machine’.

Carvana car vending machines

Visitors check in at the reception desk where they are given their oversized Carvana coin. When they place their coin in the coin machine, the coin triggers the vending machine to retrieve the customer’s pre-purchased car from the iconic Carvana tower and bring it down to one of the car bays for the customer to drive off in.


Project Design, Engineering, Specialty Millwork, Fabrication, Logistics, Turnkey Installation