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Condé Nast
CES Executive Suite

Transformed a 30’ x 30’ ballroom into a high-end, Condé Nast branded, private meeting space for executive meetings throughout CES.

After design collaboration with Condé Nast, ASTOUND built and installed the custom meeting space to maximize the 30’ x 30’ ballroom in the ARIA. To establish a permanent feel to the space, high-end finishes—such as the glossy white finish on the walls and a marble facade—were used to achieve a seamless look. A custom brand wall featured their 22 magazine brands as backlit graphics and seamlessly integrated two iPads where visitors could navigate through the Condé Nast website.

A VR station also held three demo setups providing further engagement. Dimensionally cut letters branded the space, where a lounge area and coffee station was also held. Silver carpet and chrome finishes added to the upscale ambience geared to high-level meetings.