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Design Exchange
Edit Festival

ASTOUND worked directly with Toronto’s Design Exchange Museum to transform an abandoned factory into an exhibition of design and innovation.

At the inaugural edition of EDIT: Expo for Design, Innovation & Technology, Toronto’s Design Exchange museum built an unprecedented platform for ideas that can feed the planet sustainably, build more resilient cities, expand education access, and deliver innovative healthcare solutions to all corners of the earth. Set in a 150,000 square-foot abandoned soap factory, EDIT delivered this year’s overarching message of Prosperity For All to over 35,000 visitors.

Visitors were led through a variety of exhibits and installations that touched on the various ways that design can change the world. The raw and decaying condition of the factory gave visitors a stark contrast to the polished and clean appearance of the exhibits and helped amplify the impact of the messages and branding. The Shelter/Cities exhibit showcases architectural innovations and technologies that seek to bridge the divide between city and nature. From robotic prosthetics to drone-delivered medical supplies and low-cost tools, the Care exhibition demonstrates how design is rethinking healthcare as we know it today and making it more affordable and accessible for off-grid communities across the globe. The Educate exhibit will help you discover how we can truly empower the next generation and expand access to education.