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Super Bomberman R
Livestream Event

To promote the launch of Super Bomberman R (SBR), Konami hosted a group of influencers from around the world to play SBR during a two-day event

The selected influencers were flown to the Youtube Spaces studios in Los Angeles where they were first greeted by Konami executives who guided them through the studios towards Konami’s very own Bomberman-themed studio space. Once settled in the studio space, the influencers prepared their live-stream hardware and got their game faces on for the big event. Once ready, each influencer was given the opportunity to introduce the event in their preferred language to their live-stream audience before letting the games begin.

The event was basically a non-stop battle between the influencers to showcase some of the new features and game modes of SBR. Beyond each individual live-stream, the entire two-day event was professionally broadcasted out to the YouTube Gaming channel for online viewers to enjoy.