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Madison Group
The Capitol
Sales Center

The main intent behind the Capitol Sales Center was to create a flexible space that could be repurposed for multiple developments in the future.

ASTOUND designed and built two 75’ interior rail features which act as dividers to delineate the two developments being presented at the time. The sales center is designed to change as Madison introduced new developments being sold to the public. Branding for each development can be highlighted on the rail as well as the custom removable divider screens that allow for increased flexibility of the space.

High-end design and multifunctional flexibility were the most important aspects of the project. The initial design of the divider screens had to be value engineered due to lack of stability and overall cost. ASTOUND also fabricated a massive colored and curved glazing piece that Studio Munge designed for the sales center.

Key Partners

Architect/Design: dk studio
Design Support: Studio Munge
GC: Madison Group
Project Design: ASTOUND
Engineering: ASTOUND
Fabrication: ASTOUND