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Flagship Store
Façade & Staircase

To welcome a global innovator to a landmark mall, astound helped construct anthemic elements of show stopping beauty.

ASTOUND joined an all-star team of designers and architects on a journey from inspired ideation to the creation and installation of massive yet airy glass-and-steel elements crafted to immerse consumers into a Nike experience. The façade of Nike’s new Canadian flagship store featured 2,000 square feet of digitally printed, fluted panels suspended by just 36 connections to the base building; the store’s staircase—suspended from the interior slab assemblies—creates an oversized form that appears to float off the floor.

A rich consumer experience.

We sat at the table—through a pandemic and severe supply-chain challenges—from initial design development and through the permit package drawing stages to maintain design integrity and detail throughout. The result: through a digital fabrication process that drove a complex concept through Zoom calls, submitted models and drawing packages—stunning, light-filled monuments that radiate futurism and hospitality at the same time.