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Vapormax Retail

ASTOUND assisted Nike in creating an awe-inspiring retail environment using custom product and window displays inside the Nike Eaton Centre store.

The front windows showcased vibrant campaign-level graphics accompanied by 3D illuminated letters and two custom Vapormax infinity mirror features—which also served as a key shareable moment for social media. Once inside the store, visitors were guided to the rear wall—and past a Vapormax ‘floating’ mannequin display—where a custom interactive iPad display allowed guests to explore the specific stories and features of the shoes on display by sliding the iPad along a track in front of the given shoe.

A sense of infinite space to instill infinite comfort

The experience was a full product takeover of the existing store to attract new customers at Toronto’s most popular tourist attraction and North America's busiest mall.


End-to-End Project Management, Logistics, Engineering, Construction Drawings, Fabrication, Specialty Millwork, Turnkey Installation