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Princess Diana:
A Tribute Exhibition

SBX group partnered with Pink Ribbons Crusade, see global entertainment and astound to bring the legacy of Princess Diana to life.

The exhibition is a journey through the life and legacy of Princess Diana featuring the world's largest collection of Diana artifacts, memorabilia, and photography. With 12-themed rooms containing over 500 personal artifacts including 11 of Diana’s dresses, an exact replica of her famous wedding dress, a recreation of her memorial outside of Buckingham Palace, and many more.

The exhibit was elegantly created and produced by SBX Group and SEE Global Entertainment in partnership with Pink Ribbons Crusade, a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer charity sharing its multi-million-dollar collection of Diana artifacts and royal family memorabilia to raise funds to fight breast cancer. Organizers worked to curate the exhibit from a collection of Diana and British royal memorabilia considered by many to be the world’s most comprehensive – a collection that has taken the internationally respected charity more than 45 years to assemble.