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Quadra Chemicals
Virtual Event

Quadra was looking to produce an engaging and successful virtual conference that amplified the attendee experience for their internal event.

Partnering with Peak Technologies, ASTOUND Digital was tasked with the creative services for the virtual environment into which their presenters would be inserted. Using Unreal Engine, we designed a standalone venue complete with multiple levels, architectural lighting, and a theatre space. This architectural environment was place in a fully-realized mountain lake environment complete with dynamic skies, foliage and even wildlife.

This Unreal Engine project was then utilized inside the Aximmetry virtual production platform that enabled the control of screen content, lighting and even fireworks. The platform also connected virtual cameras inside Unreal to physical cameras being used in Peak's AV studio, enabling integration between real and virtual. Within the AV studio, presenters were filmed in front of a green screen to be inserted into the virtual environment in real-time, creating a seamless presentation experience for the live Vimeo feed.


Overall, the event was highly successful and with a premium look and feel from start to finish. By using Unreal Engine, we were able to seamlessly integrate virtual and physical assets into the primary project which further supported real-time management and integration of additional layers of live content.