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SDI Design | Flat Iron Group
IMCO Office Staircase

SDI design required an experienced build partner to value engineer and fabricate a custom staircase to fit within an existing high-rise.

ASTOUND handled the design engineering, custom fabrication, material selection, project management and full-service installation of the two custom interior staircases. The final staircases featured exposed structural teel and custom brake formed and CNC punched perforated treads and risers. Each staircase contains two flights and one floating landing. The staircases also featured exposed hardware, match plates, and welds which reinforced the industrial aesthetic of the final design.

Typically, custom steel staircases at this scale would be installed during the construction of the building and would allow for easier tolerance and integration. Since this building was existing and this project was part of an office renovation, we had to reengineer many components and dimensions to ensure everything was up to code and properly fitting within the constraints.