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Shoppers Drug Mart
Web AR Treasure Hunt

Shoppers drug mart wanted to drive more interest in their loyalty program and help customers discover new products.

“Shoppers Top Picks” was a partnership with some of SDM’s top brands and ASTOUND was brought in to drive engagement with SDM brand, its loyalty program and the benefits of the features products. In partnership with Citizen Relations, ASTOUND Digital designed and built an installation to explore, enhanced by augmented reality. One of the first of its kind, this web-based AR journey was accessible by most phones without having to download an app, streamlining the experiences.

Guests explored the physical installation using their phones to hunt for all 10 Shoppers Top Picks. Guests could see the products as holograms in 3D space, see additional product benefits and get rewards for finding them. The activation was later adopted into SDM monthly promotional flyer where they saw a 22% spike in engagement to the previous month’s and it produced over 30,000 AR product scans.