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Star Solar
Brand Launch

Star Solar wanted to launch their new company at RE+ but needed a visual identity, a website, and a booth design to introduce the brand to the industry.

As a new female-owned, American manufacturing company breaking into the ‘boys club’ dominated solar industry, Star Solar wanted to express their unique approach to business through a friendly, honest, and fun brand. The customer centric company culture of Star Solar places great emphasis on customer service, satisfaction and overall product integrity. The goal for their booth was to tell a cohesive story of their product and superior service. For the branding, Star Solar had a vision to be high-end and luxurious in nature.

To differentiate the Star Solar brand from key competitors in the industry, ASTOUND developed a wordmark, icon, and color pallet that visually stands out against the competition. While much of the industry branding features sans serif typography, warm colours, and highly literal representations of suns or grids, the Star Solar brand strategically leveraged a sophisticated serif typeface paired with a bold deep space blue and metallic gold accent to further differentiate the new company. Once the brand was finalized, we started to translate the guidelines into a 3D trade show environment that embraces high technology and ethereal effects through hanging translucent fabrics and open-concept design for attendees to admire. The booth featured product displays that flanked a centralized genius bar where attendees could engage in meaningful conversations with booth staff.