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Wintermute + Bebop

Consensus was Wintermute’s first exhibiting experience to launch the brand and announce the new incubated project “bebop”

To facilitate this dual brand experience, ASTOUND designed a two-sided visual brand hierarchy that gave Wintermute priority within the booth footprint while still allowing Bebop to cohesively live in the same space. Additionally, ASTOUND designed and built two unique interactive digital experiences that allowed lead capture and engagement for both brands independently.

The Bebop side of the booth was a 10x20 space dedicated to introducing the new prosumer crypto trading platform to the tech-savvy audience. Within the Bebop space, we created a custom NFT photobooth where users would take a selfie, apply a comic-book-style filter to their selfie before they either save the image to their phone or submit the artwork to be minted as an NFT version of the image in a collection on OpenSea.