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Series X Launch

ASTOUND brought the new XBOX Series X console to life as no one else could—and in unusual locales.

We built a pair of 40ft x 20ft replicas of the console on the water in Toronto and on the Columbia River Gorge in Washington state.

Once live, the installation displayed local artists' work based on the theme of “Dream.” The content gave fans an opportunity to engage with the brand via live stream through custom content, gaming codes, and was part of a global scavenger hunt. As a result of the unique launch and content, the campaign received 11.3M impressions, 1.02M engagements, and 400+ pieces of content were created across different media channels.

The Toronto replica was set on a floating barge on Lake Ontario with the iconic Toronto skyline as its backdrop, viewable from the Harbourfront shoreline and available to view via livestream on Twitch. The Washington replica was set in open farmland alongside the natural beauty of the Gorge and was only available for guests to view via livestream.