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This paragraph is where we can describe our relationship with this particular client. We'll describe all the the different services we provide for them, how long we've worked together as well as goals for the future. 




ASTOUND worked closely with August Jackson (AJ) to produce a custom trade show booth for ELKAY that resembled a small village.


As the preferred trade show experts, ASTOUND was brought in to bring the 3D design to life by handling all aspects of the fabrication and delivery. This included receiving, organizing, and installing all client products; fabrication of custom elements; install & dismantle; etc. Both creative teams worked together to integrate Elkay’s products into the interactive environment. As a result, Elkay received the Best Booth Award at KBIS2020.  


Instead of having defined entrances or exits,  we integrated three main ‘streets’ that guests could choose to enter from.  The booth contained several different zones themed around a different product line, showcasing the variety of Elkay products. In the central ‘courtyard’ of the booth was a larger-than-life custom fountain that used Elkay faucets to dispense water. To address hospitality and engagement within the booth, attendees were presented with a café area for drinks and snacks, a ball pit and slide, a ‘storefront’ for a sink display, and several product vignettes. Many vignettes were ‘hands-on’ with running water such as the functioning Smartwell units for guests to fill their water bottles;