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Keeping up with Tech trends to make sure you stand out is not only important but also vital to stay relevant.

Displaying VR Technology

At CES, NVIDIA wanted to create an impact and integrate their new impressive VR technology and demos, while keeping a consistent aesthetic for their booth. By creating a custom modular booth design that uniquely expressed the brand image in a series of immersive configurations for different shows.

Displaying their VR technologies allowed users to be really engaged and give a first hand experience of their particular product.

Making Sure Social Media Is Part of Your Strategy

ASTOUND built a temporary sculpture representative of McDonald’s branding for their #cheerstosochi campaign, which was activated for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. The temporary sculpture acted as a physical reminder in the Athlete’s Village of the #cheerstosochi tweet campaign. Online and TV based advertising provided by McDonald’s encouraged friends, family, and fans to share their well-wishes with athletes via Twitter, which can then be printed onto a personalized ribbon for the athlete.

Interactive LED Flooring

ASTOUND built and installed the 80 ft. LED flooring, stage, backdrop, and an integrated turntable into the stage floor at CES 2016 for Volkswagen. The environment was well suited for the epic car launch of the Budd-E Concept Car and a keynote speaker discussing electric mobility driving the automotive market.