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Whether you’re creating an outdoor pavilion to promote a brand or looking to engage guests through demonstrating a new product launch, the experience is key. Creating an engaging experience is a wonderful way to also build excitement and make your brand memorable. It’s worth noting that Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father of the United States agrees with this approach, famously stating: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I will learn.”

Here are three ways that time and again have proven an effective way to dazzle passerby:

1. A Picture Tells a Thousand Words, Think of What a Video Can Do!

Create a focal point, such as a custom sculpture or shareable moment within your activation space. It not only creates a point of interest for guests to gravitate towards, but also a photo opportunity. If a life-sized sculptural piece isn’t in the cards, a digital or customized step-and-repeat wall is a great way to encourage staff or brand ambassadors to participate. Always include a unique event hashtag, and if applicable, consider adding props, branded merchandise and even a dedicated photographer to snap photos of the fun.

2. Gamify the Experience

Everyone loves to participate in a game and the opportunities to create an engaging experience through gamification are endless. We’ve seen clients gamify their space through customized quizzes or raffles loaded onto tablets to race objects and win prizes, as well as integrating more traditional games such as “Plinko” style pegboards or cornhole boards to win prizes.

3. Meaningful Swag

You can count on receiving free, branded merchandise at any promotional event, but unfortunately, not many stand out. However, the ones that do are memorable, meaningful and most of all, useful! When considering branded giveaways, think of the items that not only carry a ‘wow’ factor, but also would be useful for the targeted market during the event as it moves along, or one that is unique and would stand high above the pack.

For more ideas to dazzle up your next event, email us. We would be happy to converse with you online or schedule a call.