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Crafting the Perfect Narrative: ASTOUND at Event Marketer Summit 2024

The Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS) 2024: Where Future Trends Meet Innovation

In a world where digital and physical realms coalesce to create unforgettable brand experiences, the Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS) stands as the beacon for forward-thinking marketers. Dubbed the #1 conference for creators of the brand experience, EMS is the crucible where the future of experiential marketing is forged. It's a place where corporate event and trade show marketers gather to peer into the horizon, learning from the titans of the industry about what lies beyond.

EMS is more than just a conference; it's a three-day odyssey into the heart of marketing innovation, attended by a melange of professionals—from b-to-b and b-to-c brand-side marketers to trade show organizers and event technology gurus. It's where the world’s leading brands share their wisdom, making it an unmissable event for those vested in the art and science of experiential marketing.

ASTOUND: Pioneers of Immersive Brand Experiences

At ASTOUND, our vision is clear: to create the world's most awe-inspiring experiences. Our mission is simple: to connect people and brands through exceptional experiences that build communities, bring joy, and drive purpose. We believe that experiences make us feel alive, gives us a sense of belonging, and connects us to something bigger than ourselves. With our roots firmly planted in the intersection of creative, experiential, digital, and fabrication, we’ve been setting the benchmarks in experiential marketing for over two decades. As collaborative partners, our holistic model has uniquely positioned us to deliver more results and less costs to meet brand needs, while delivering exceptional experiences tailored for today’s evolved consumer.


ASTOUND at EMS 2024: Bridging Worlds with Innovation

This year, ASTOUND is thrilled to once again partner with EMS, showcasing our trailblazing work at the nexus of physical and digital realms. Our booth experience promises to be a revelation, a testament to how brands can elevate their narratives in the experiential space.

Moreover, we’re excited to host two pivotal speaking sessions. Join Mark Scattolon, our VP of Strategy and Creative, and Ben Hermsen, Sr. Director of Digital Engagements, as they delve into "Connected Experiences: Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Digital in Brand Storytelling." This session, set to unfold on Day 2, promises to be an enlightening journey through the evolving landscape of brand experiences.

This session will explore the evolving landscape of brand experiences through the lens of technology and digital integration, with examples of best-in-class work brand stories. Discover how to seamlessly blend physical and digital experiences, leverage AI to shift experiences from passive to active participation, and utilize digital platforms for deeper insights into ROI metrics and measurements. Mark and Ben will also provide a forward-looking perspective on the trends shaping the future of experiential marketing. This is an essential discussion for those looking to stay ahead in creating compelling and measurable brand engagements. 

Following this, the "AI Unleashed – Transforming Brand Experiences" panel on Day 3 will feature Mark Scattolon among other luminaries, discussing the transformative power of AI in experiential marketing. It’s a deep dive into the future, exploring how AI can create more personalized, interactive, and impactful brand experiences.

Why ASTOUND Stands Apart

Located in Las Vegas, the dynamic setting for EMS, and also home to ASTOUND's global headquarters, our involvement underscores an unwavering commitment to innovation and a distinct stance in the experiential marketing arena. Our in-house fabrication capabilities distinguish us, reinforcing that we are not just designers of experiences but the builders. This positioning gives us an unparalleled edge in turning visionary concepts into tangible realities, directly from the heart of our global operations.

Join us at EMS 2024 as we explore the frontier of experiential marketing, demonstrating why ASTOUND is the go-to partner for brands looking to make a lasting impression in an ever-evolving landscape. ASTOUND invites you to be part of the future of experiential marketing at EMS 2024. It's more than a conference; it's a community coming together to shape what comes next. Be there to witness the unveiling of the next era of brand experiences, crafted by the visionaries at ASTOUND. Let's make history together.

About ASTOUND Group

ASTOUND Group is an experience design studio with world-class production and fabrication. For two decades, they have been crafting epic experiences for the world’s most aspirational brands. They live at the intersection of a creative, experiential, digital, and fabrication studio to provide clients with seamlessly integrated brand experiences with an end-to-end solution. As collaborative partners, ASTOUND Group’s holistic model has uniquely positioned them to deliver more results and less costs to meet brand needs, while delivering exceptional experiences tailored for today’s evolved consumer. For more information, visit

Mark Scattolon,
VP of Strategy and Creative

Ben Hermsen,
Sr. Director of Digital Engagements

Mark Scattolon,
VP Strategy & Creative

Mark leads the strategy and creative department at ASTOUND and has been instrumental in the growth of ASTOUND’s brand-direct offering with best-in-class creative agency services. As a creative and strategic marketing executive with 15+ years of building brand strategy, experiential design, ideation, and digital experiences, Mark has led award-winning campaigns for brands like Budweiser, Stella Artois, Nike, Apple, UNIQLO, Nestlé, LEGO Group, along with shaping retail activations at properties with Ivanhoe Cambridge and Oxford Properties. Mark’s early career as an entrepreneur has featured him on CBC’s Dragon’s Den (S10.E4) and media outlets across North America. 

Ben Hermsen,
Sr. Director of Digital Engagement

Ben heads up the development and evolution of digital content and technology initiatives at ASTOUND. With a wealth of experience spanning 20 years, he has immersed himself in every facet of the process—from design and user experience (UX) to motion graphics, animation, app development, and digital marketing. This breadth of expertise enables him to seamlessly bridge the gap between the creative vision and the technical execution of projects. Actively engaged from the initial concept through to the final realization, he utilizes his team of mad geniuses and world-class technology partners to get it done right. Ben has worked with some the world’s top brands in a wide range of industries. Clients such as Coca Cola, Google, Carvana, Citrix Systems, Nike, T-Mobile, Kraft,, Organic Valley and Stryker Medical.