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Before anything else, it’s critical to identify the goal of your product display. Is it to get customers interacting with the product? Or, do you wish to educate customers on your product? Perhaps it’s to attract customers and have them fall in love with the design. After you’ve determined the objective, you can design towards that specific goal. Here are three ways product displays can become an attraction:

Interactive Product Displays

If your product display will serves as a demo, consider how it can be designed to encourage interaction. Obviously, placing a product inside of a glass box would suggest it is for display purposes only. Start by positioning the product at an ergonomic height and distance for easy access: slightly above waist level so it sits within reach. Try giving visitors a focal point as they approach—graphics and lighting can encourage action and highlight certain features of a product.

Static Product Displays

Product displays that don’t function as a demonstration require more consideration in the design phase. As the tactile quality is removed from static displays, visitors need to be drawn in by the design of the display itself. Putting a product behind a glass enclosure, or out of reach, lets visitors know not to touch but to admire, read about and appreciate the product. Often times, ASTOUND sees elements of the product reflected in the design of the display, such as shapes, colors, finishes, etc.

Gamified Product Display

By turning your product display into an interactive or educational game, visitors are encouraged to participate and not only associate a positive experience with your product, but learn about it in the process. For example, create a game that quizzes participants’ about the product and offer enticing and meaningful prizing that encourages participation.

It is pivotal to a successful product display that you set your objectives before initiating the design process. Product displays come in many different forms and knowing your goals will dictate where the design ends up. ASTOUND is well versed in designing and building successful product displays—take a look at the work we did with GoPro at CES 2016.

If you are interested in learning more about product displays from one of our experts, please email us and we’ll set up a call with you.