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When your company’s money, time and effort are at stake, pulling off a successful show or event can seem frightening.

Material, Drayage and Freight Costs

This highly coordinated transportation of your assets between your fabrication partner’s production facility and your event venue all happen behind the scenes. This whole process can sometimes bring on feelings of dread, but with an experienced design-build company to help, it is possible to make the execution and delivery a breeze.


A design with clear brand presence and messaging has a huge impact on your next exhibit or event. There is a lot of creative talent and structural knowledge that goes into creating the perfect design. Choosing the right professional design and fabrication team to guide and assist you in creating that unforgettable design is the difference between landing that next big client or going viral online.


As with all aspects of a successful show or event, planning is paramount. Proper budget preparation will give your company a clear expectation of all cost incurred. Picking the right partner to help you plan out your budget is the first step to a successful ROI.

Next time you get that panicky feeling leading up to your next show or event remember there is nothing to be scared of and remember you are not on your own!

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