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Given the scope and scale of custom design and build projects, selecting the right fabrication partner takes careful assessment and is worth the investment of time and resources. Aside from chemistry, having access to the proper equipment, checking references and accessing the team’s account management and processes are critical. We have put together five factors to consider when selecting your next build partner.

1. Get to Know the Team and Their Process

How does the sales team pass on projects to account management – is it a seamless and informed experience? Ensure there is no need to re-brief or acquaint yourself with too many team members who will execute the design or fabrication process. Make sure you meet the team during the request for proposal (RFP) process and get to know – and like – the lead team member that is overseeing the project.

2. Check Their Work

Use Google, Social Media, Yelp you name it if you know there is a review site out there why not check it out. But also remember only use these reviews as an initial perspective, fake news is a thing and so are fake reviews. Although one thing you can't fake is the portfolio. With the availability of social media platforms to share content and a company website that should include recent client work, you should get a sense of capabilities and flagship work examples in less than 10 minutes.

3. Confirm They Can Help You Keep Innovating

Technology accelerates all avenues of workflow, but it does not always mean creativity and innovation are equally as fast. Ensure you can see your company’s creativity and finished product immediately taken to another level and that it is backed by best-in-class client service.

4. Build the Budget Together

Big ideas can come with large budgets, but make sure the partner provides transparency. The most successful projects start with an agreed budget and remain transparent along the way.

5. Helps Demonstrate Value

Whether short or long term, custom design and fabrication should come with the ability to demonstrate return on investment. From impressions and number of interactions to other measurements such as social media score, ask your partner what their measurable metrics are so your spend can be justified.

There are a variety of other variables to consider when issuing an RFP and evaluating design-build companies. Should you wish to explore the other factors, contact us today and discover why ASTOUND has won numerous awards and been selected to design, build and manage hundreds of projects in nearly 30 countries around the world.