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We are only a few weeks away from the world’s most celebrated trade show, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This show provides more than 150,000 attendees the opportunity to witness the latest in high-tech gadgets, as well as catch a glimpse of what’s being developed for release in the near future.

In the 15 years ASTOUND Group has been in business we’ve seen a significant amount of advancements, excitement and new releases at CES, including in one of our core capabilities - dazzling trade show booths by some of the world’s most celebrated brands.

Whether you’re preparing now to exhibit at CES, or preparing for another show in the near future, consider our top 5 tips to successfully conquer your next big show:

Refresh Your Booth Design

Undoubtedly, big trade shows like CES draw crowds that are visitors year-over-year. With so many recurring guests, make sure you spend the time and resources to give your booth a fresh, new appearance to nab attention. It starts with strong design, so invest in the design first to make an instant impact.

Go Beyond Digital and Interactive

It’s CES, there’s technology and eye-popping product demonstrations everywhere, so play the part for your brand and layer-in digital and/ or interactive components within your booth. Stand above the crowd and make visiting your booth an event. You can have all the bells, whistles and lights till your heart’s content, but stirring fun and generating engagement at the booth is priceless.

Add PR Value

Generate headlines – literally – based on not only the product or service launch being announced during CES, but by also giving reporters and influencers what they’re looking for: photo ops which can be boasted in their reports, including through their social media.

See the Booth

After the booth fabrication is completed, see the booth in real-time to confirm it’s built to your brand’s expectations. Do this by either seeing it in person or receive a live-streamed video of the booth assembled before it’s dismantled and shipped to the Las Vegas Convention Center. A third option is receiving photos of the booth build. This will give you not only peace-of-mind, but also a chance to troubleshoot areas that need a lift.

Go Social

An easy, must-do activity is publicizing your presence and offerings at CES before, during and after the show. Activate all social media channels to share news, quirks and the fun your company’s having during the showcase.

For more tips on attention-grabbing ways to interest crowds at CES, or to discuss your needs for your upcoming exhibiting needs, contact us.