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Something to consider when preparing for your next gaming trade show is including a sculptural feature within your booth space. Set aside space, budget and time to plan for a custom themed element to increase the appeal of your brand’s exhibit. Use sculptural features for anything from a social media photo opportunity to an immersive themed room that can help enhance the exhibit’s overall look and feel.

When you explore the trade show floor (especially at a show like the Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3]) you may notice that the companies launching new products will often feature a character or element from their release as a life-size (or larger) three-dimensional piece, or live models. This can increase the visual appeal for attendees to step into your booth rather than your neighbors’. To boost engagement within your space, establish a shareable moment for them to snap a photo and share via social media to further promote your brand. (We recommend also choosing a unique hashtag for visitors to incorporate in their posts in order to track the overall engagement of your campaign.)

Sculptural features are often used to support themed environments, which can help create a customized experience for your audience. Private game or demo rooms can be themed as custom environments and increase the element of surprise as your visitors walk in. Alternatively, sculptural pieces on a smaller scale can be used throughout your booth to carry a specific theme and guide visitors through the whole space.

If you would like to explore other sculptural work we’ve completed, please contact us.