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Six Ways to Prepare a Successful Live Event During COVID

The light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter day by day. The return of live events has already begun – are you ready?

1. Preparation

In 2021, there's a bigger opportunity to capitalize on in-person and digital experiences, expanding your reach and data set. Post-show analyzation should lead minor tweaks to increase engagement and provide a higher return on your investment. View each show as a learning opportunity. Stay agile. Be prepared to grow and evolve, along with your audience. The more agile and nimble you are, the higher gains you'll reap.

2. Focus on Consistencies

Each show will be unique, with differing regulations based by show and region. Your exhibits need to more tailored than ever before. That’s where your trade show partner comes in. Lean on us, we are the industry experts. We’re on top of the newest trends and regulations so you can focus on the day-to-day. We’re gathering insights by show type, venue, region and show management. Don’t approach exhibit season as one-size-fits-all. Stay nimble and continue to survey your attendees to analyze comfort levels and evolve as you go.

3. Embrace the Hybrid Model

2021 is an opportunity to advance your hybrid model. If you weren’t utilizing digital before, let’s add it your repertoire. Digital will expand your reach while providing insightful analytics. Ensure your digital strategy brings equal value to your virtual attendees. Use a blend of timed content with live components. If you view digital as an afterthought, you will miss out on a key component of 2021 trade shows.

4. Take advantage of Digital

  • Utilization & implementation: pre-show, show floor and post-show
  • Manageable blocks of information
  • Live, virtual feedback
  • Q&A session(s)
  • Timed breaks
  • Blend live and static content
  • Gamify/Edutainment
  • Social Media Game-Plan

5. Edutainment

Education is a key virtual component, providing an on-demand opportunity. Utilize digital to educate in-person and virtual attendees while balancing your exhibit between live and digital aspects. This will capture an expanded reach while connecting with prospects, tracking broader data.

6. Quality over Quantity

Before COVID, many companies viewed trade shows as an employee, travel perk. A noticeable shift has occurred with companies sending less attendees to shows and events. There may be less attendees, but they are higher quality prospects and very serious buyers. This was evident during the onset of COVID and we’ll continue to see this moving forward. It’s a great silver lining to an unpredictable trade show year.

Are you prepared for the return of trade shows? We’re here to build and tailor your custom trade show experience and help guide you through the post-pandemic world.