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After touching on a few seemingly scary, but easily manageable, event logistics in our previous article we would like to review a few logistics that should scare you if mismanaged. If you would like to view our previous article, read it here.


Finding out how much you will pay someone to set up your next show or event can be a real eye-opener. Most venues require you pay labor a wage that will add up quickly due to union rules. These costs can be minimized by getting an easier to set up components, scheduling your set-up for straight time labor and by having a dependable contractor.

Project Management

Project management is about making sure the show goes off without a hitch. With the pressure of expectations bearing down, all elements of the show or event must come together. Finding the right design and build team that has the ability to keep calm under pressure when dealing with any hiccups can make or break your next show or event.


Poor finishes, sloppy seams, poorly executed graphics all convey the worst possible message to anyone attending your show or event: you don’t really care about your brand. Sometimes higher quality can be overlooked in favor of a cheaper price tag, but when you’re representing a company brand corners should not be cut. When setting the bar, you have to ask yourself: are the surface materials even with seamless edges? Do all parts fit together flawlessly? Are graphic panels aligned, are the images and colors accurate to the graphic proofs and brand elements? Are the walls standing straight? Any show or event with high quality handling will look better and help a company represent their brand at a high level, which could lead to more sales.

Taking a little extra time to fine tune some of these details will go a long way when planning your next show or event. Planning and executing a show or event can be a big investment, so make it worth it!

For more details on planning your next show or event please contact us!