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Three Post-COVID Tradeshow Takeaways

No Dig 2021 was Sunbelt Rentals’ first tradeshow post-COVID. ASTOUND sat down with the team for a post-show recap and to identify key differences in the exhibiting experience now vs pre-pandemic.

Did you feel like preparing for this show was different than pre-pandemic?

We didn’t experience any drastic changes to our planning efforts. The main differentiator was implementing safety precautions including masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing guidelines, and contactless greetings. We’re a big handshake company, so it was a bit difficult not being able shake our guests’ hands, however everyone is learning how to navigate the social change.

Did the attendance at the tradeshow meet or exceed your expectations?

No Dig was still a lively show. Everyone kept saying they were thrilled to be back at a tradeshow and the excitement was evident. The importance of exhibiting amplified during COVID. People now understand and see the value in having face-to-face contact and interactions versus only virtual communication. Everyone is eager to step away from the screens and meet in person.

Do you anticipate participating in more face-to-face events in 2021?

We have a lot of shows on our radar for the remainder of 2021. We’re excited to have more face-to-face contact and hopefully handshakes soon as well as integrating more digital components to ensure an exceptional experience during social distancing.