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Circulating a brand experience around the world, or even across a country, can drastically increase your audience and brand recognition when compared to a local, one-stop activation. With all the moving parts required to deliver these experiences, what are the major considerations when planning for a mobile tour or traveling exhibition?

Here are our top 5:

1. Keep it Simple

Having all components of the exhibition engineered and detailed to facilitate a quick and easy install will allow for smoother installation in all venues. It is common to hire local labor teams that are unfamiliar with the specific installation and construction details of your activation. Providing detailed plans and simple components will allow for local labor to easily understand the requirements for your install.

2. Fabrication Is Key to Disassembly & Modularity

Since the exhibition will travel to multiple venues for install and dismantle, disassembly and rearrangement is an integral consideration to the design of each physical component. Disassembly and modularity should be considered throughout the design, detailing, engineering, and fabrication processes in order to accommodate different venue sizes and limitations.

3. Beware of All Codes

All aspects of building codes and safety requirements must be fully considered within the design engineering and detailing phases to ensure your exhibition meets the mandates of all venue-specific requirements.

4. Ships in Small Packaging

Any crating and transport requirements need be considered in the detailing and engineering phases of project development. Consider the most efficient spatial layouts within the smallest cubic volumes to minimize packaging and shipping costs.

5. Know Your Venue

Site limitations are a critical consideration to the physical delivery and ease of installation on-site. There are many crucial factors to consider such as: storage capacities, elevator access, door sizes, suitability for mechanical equipment, and timing for installation.

There are many considerations when preparing an exhibition to travel throughout several cities or continents. Taking note of our tips will help you design and plan for success for your upcoming traveling exhibitions or mobile tours.

For more information about traveling exhibitions and mobile tours, or to discuss your current design and custom build needs, contact us today.