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Magna Carta Canada 800th Anniversary Exhibition



ASTOUND Group and Lord Cultural Resources, commissioned by Magna Carta Canada, worked hand-in-hand to bring these historic documents to Canada for a traveling exhibition to coincide with the 800th Anniversary.

The planning and delivery of this project included full interpretive plan, concept design, conservator coordination, content and interactive development, detailed design and fabrication, venue coordination, packaging & logistics optimization, and the construction at each venue. Every step of the project involved intricate planning and thought to ensure the safety of these 800-year-old documents.

The final exhibit walked visitors through an interactive exploration of the importance of the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest including a "write your own charter" display, mannequins wearing traditional clothing from the time period and of course the documents themselves.


One of the highlights of the exhibit was a 6ft spherical display featuring a 40 inch globe surrounded by a steel track for three sliding tablets. As the tablets rotated around the track information was displayed that coincided with that each section of the globe, which lit up as the tablet aligned.