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We created a 360VR tour to showcase the true scale and quality of production happening at CannTrust’s grow facilities. Through an immersive walkthrough in virtual reality, we helped CannTrust show the seed to sale journey, behind the scenes processes and the state of the art cultivation that makes CannTrust LP of the year.


As cannabis recreational legalization was approaching, CannTrust was looking to target consumers in the fast growing market in an innovative and forward thinking way.
With strict marketing regulations, there were many limitations as to what could be shown or demonstrated and communicated about the brand and product. The cannabis licensed producer was not able to demonstrate physical products at events and was in search of an alternative approach to getting people to know the product.


The 360 virtual reality experience takes guests into CannTrust’s 430,000-square-foot Niagara greenhouse facility and explores different flowers and strains up close, discovering what makes CannTrust unique and reliable.

Centered around the quality of product and production processes, guests are not only able to experience a behind-the-scenes look into a real cannabis production facility. Given a number of constraints like location, high security, fear of contamination, and quality control, operating physical tours at the facility for thousands of people was not a possibility and not an effective approach.

As a Cannabis producer in Canada’s newly legal recreational market, exhibiting at a variety of conferences was critical in building brand presence and advocacy among consumers.

This VR solution made education of the product & process accessible to a wider audience and stand out from the sea of competitors.


  • Offered an immersive and virtually realistic tour of the facility without travel or cost

  • Increased demonstrations & accessibility, where anyone can do it and multiple people at once

  • Allowed guests can get up close to the product and visit the facility without leaving the physical event

  • With the Oculus Go headsets, it made the experience possible to be transported and shown anywhere

  • Easy to repeat and take to multiple events throughout the year, giving the solution a long lifespan and infinite views