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This paragraph is where we can describe our relationship with this particular client. We'll describe all the the different services we provide for them, how long we've worked together as well as goals for the future. 



With the onset of legalization of Cannabis in Canada, there remains continuous stigma and lack of consumer education surrounding cannabis use nation-wide.


Finding a creative and interactive solution to showcase a product without attendees "physically" seeing it.


Using photogrammetry techniques and our proprietary scanning rig, we are able to scan dried cannabis buds on location and turn them into digital 3D models in post-production. We then created a visual language through augmented reality to educate and provide consumers with at-a-glance information about each strain.

Initially, the client had requested a second virtual reality experience, however, given the context of where this would be showcased – a loud and busy evening event for media and influencers – an augmented reality group experience was a better approach.

With challenges of high competition in the cannabis space and strict regulations in marketing & advertising, this approach provided an innovative form of visual communication.

Featured is ASTOUND’s augmented reality cannabis education tool, where guests can scan a brand logo and explore the different strains catered to each user based on mood, activity, or lineage. This was created for CannTrust’s launch of their recreational brands: Liiv, Synr.g, and Xscape.

With the CannTrust AR Cannabis Sales Tool, customers can scan one of the brand logos using a mobile device and explore the different strains catered to each consumer based on mood, activity, or lineage of choice and is being used as an essential tool in enabling sales strategies on a national level.