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As the official soft drink partner of Raiders and Allegiant Stadium, Reyes Coca-Cola was seeking an iconic brand moment throughout the Coca-Cola Red Zone that engages with fans in a fun and unique way, while driving to point of sale. 


The main design challenge was integrating the bold color, Coca-Cola red, into a clean aesthetic of white, black, and silver in a high traffic area of the stadium. The team wanted to create an engaging brand moment for fans during concession wait time. Once the larger-than-life Coca-Cola entitlement experience took shape across the 300 level at Allegiant Stadium, the final design included bubble art installations, branded columns, and LED-lit ‘soda conduit tubes’. The full experience span the entire south end zone concourse where the energetic lighting effects chase through the sculpture and lead fans to the central hub for fountain drink refills. 

Raiders - Coca Cola Space-29

The feature experience located at the Coca-Cola fountain dispensers immersed fans as if inside a giant glass of Coke, surrounded by bubbles and fizz dancing above them. These bubble art installations are made up of 60 unique light globes of varying sizes, fit with programmable lighting that simulates a popping effect. Over 900 feet of ’soda conduit tubes’ are rigged to the ceiling, connecting the overhead bubble art installations that flank both sides of the south end zone where the Coca-Cola fountain dispensers are located. The tubes are filled with 45,000 polyethylene balls of varying sizes and color-changing LEDs that run the length of the tubes, representing the diverse offerings from Coca-Cola.