Delissio MyRustico Pop-Up




To increase the awareness and sales of their delicious MyRustico pizzas, Delissio set up a public pop-up activation in the middle of busy King Street, Toronto where passersby could walk in and create a free personalized pizza by adding fresh toppings to the base pizzas.



Since the Delissio was giving away free pizza (and who doesn’t love free stuff, especially pizza), the line-up to get in grew rapidly prior to doors opening. Once inside, guests were greeted by a brand ambassador who explained the experience and handed them an order form to fill out while waiting to be served. At the toppings bar, line cooks then confirmed the guest’s topping selection and prepared the pizza to be cooked. While waiting for their pizza, a separate bar offered free wine samples while a local DJ provided some background music to further elevate the experience. Once the fresh pizza was in-hand, guests were encouraged to share their creation on Instagram with the hashtag #DelissioRustico and handle @Delissio