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This paragraph is where we can describe our relationship with this particular client. We'll describe all the the different services we provide for them, how long we've worked together as well as goals for the future. 




Gage is a vertically integrated cannabis cultivator and retailer, based in Ontario and Michigan, with the retail presence rolling out in the Michigan market.


Gage initially approached ASTOUND with an existing brand identity but needed professional support with the design and fabrication of two flagship stores. The design needed to address both the regulations and customer experience while futureproofing for possible future regulation changes.

gage ferndale weed-01_i-1

The store was designed to provide space within the store to showcase a range of constantly evolving products while encouraging customers/patients to explore a wide variety of curated products. Once beyond the age-gated entrance, customers are welcomed into the flower room, where they are accompanied through their shopping journey by a trained budtender who will answer any questions and help them make the choice that best suits their need(s). The center of the store is dedicated to a feature area, which stands out as it is appointed in wood with a drop ceiling to bring a level of intimacy and clear differentiation in this area from the rest of the store.