GAP Denim San Francisco




The GAP, a global producer of apparel and accessories, is the largest specialty retailer in the United States. But, at its core, The GAP is still a denim company. In the ongoing search for the perfect pair of jeans which balance comfort and style, GAP introduced a series of new denim lines across their subbrands—Old Navy, Banana Republic, and GAP—which showcases some innovative stretch and compression technologies.



At the entrance of the revamped GAP store, guests were presented with a series of mannequin displays showcasing the new GAP denim brand – Sculpt. Clothing inventory was highlighted using LED lighting on the appropriate sections of the massive mannequin displays. To promote some of The GAP’s sustainable practices, real foliage paired with a compelling description on the central tower helped guests understand GAP’s sustainability efforts and make the connection with the Sculpt brand.