House of Tweed is a traveling pop-up environment that is activating alongside events and festivals throughout the summer with the goal to educate and inform the 19+ audience about the Tweed brand, cannabis and its medical benefits.


Once age and valid ID was confirmed, visitors are asked to fill out a quick survey on an iPad to gather some demographic and background statistics of their audience. Following the brief survey, visitors were directed into the ‘Discovery Zone’ where took part in a trivia game that tested their cannabis knowledge through five questions. Completion of the game earned them a drink ticket for one of three kombucha or cold pressed juice concoctions. With refreshment in-hand, visitors could then have the option to navigate to any one of the dedicated lounge areas, the social club or the Hi ground. Engagement with the Tweed brand was extended even further as visitors could play one of the games on-site (Connect-4 or giant- and regular-sized Jenga) which featured fun facts and information about cannabis directly on the playing pieces.