In partnership with Sid Lee and MLSE, ASTOUND designed a mobile experience that would deliver to Kawhi Leonard during his contract negotiations as a reminder of his time with the Raptors team. Due to scheduling and secrecy around the team meetings, we had to develop a mobile experience that could meet up with the player wherever he was. The trailer was built start to finish in two weeks and sat waiting patiently for the call to meet Kawhi.



Dark upon entrance, you can only hear the chanting of the crowd in the background – “we the north, we the north”. Lights come up and the entire space is revealed. As you walk further into the space the video content begins and you are taken on a journey through past, present and future of the Raptors with Kawhi. The content leads you into the space past an artistic basketball installation representing all of the starting player numbers and the Kawhi #2 front and centre, a customized Canada Goose retail display featuring all one of a kind clothing specific to the pending Kawhi and Canada Goose partnership ending at the feature “BOOK” and Trophy Display.