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Madame Tussauds ILLUSIONS OF HORROR was designed as an interactive Instagrammable horror experience that utilized several of their own wax figures from some of the most iconic horror stories of all time. The experience featured 10 interactive vignettes inspired by various stories or movies such as Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, Poltergeist, Twilight Zone, and even Silence Of The Lambs.


Upon entering the ILLUSIONS OF HORROR exhibit within the Madame Tussauds L.A. location, guests were immediately greeted by Dracula ominous gaze as he poses in the spotlight in front of a faux garlic wall and giant red LED cross. As visitors proceed past Dracula to pose in front of the Rocky Horror-inspired ILLUSIONS OF HORROR sign and ‘lip couch’, they might get startled as Dracula's shadow starts moving as it tries to grab the guest and dissolve into a cloud of bats. Across the entrance is a Mummy experience which features caskets, torches, hieroglyphics and interactive scarabs that were video-mapped onto the floor. Continuing through the space, visitors will notice even more photo opportunities including the Frankenstein feature, the large IT movie installation that features 60 fiberglass balloons, and an oversized poltergeist TV set that displays ghosts and hands that respond to guests’ own movements. Moving along, guests pass the “Hall of Doors” which wouldn’t be complete without the twisted Twilight Zone door, the ‘Shining door’ that features a head-sized hole for posing in, and a 'zombie door' with arms that reach out to grab guests.