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With today’s real estate market being so prosperous, there are many fantastic opportunities, and stories of successful developments throughout the city. Many of these developments are creating a positive impact in the communities they are a part of.

One of these success stories is Canvas Condominium by Marlin Spring.

The name, “Canvas Condominium” is very appropriate, comparing each unit to a “blank canvas,” leaving opportunity for the buyer to create their own masterpiece within their home. With multiple floor plans and different choices for layouts, each buyer had the opportunity to choose the ideal style for their space.

Working closely with U31 Design, ASTOUND executed the build of the custom millwork and metal pieces needed for the interior of the presentation center showroom.

The components for this installation included a high-end reception desk and bench with Corian finishes, backlit 3D logo, a custom millwork table for the building model, a custom-built mount for a large LED screen, a closing office credenza, large backlit ‘balcony view’ lightbox, and 11 custom millwork columns wrapped in fabric graphics.

The vibrant colors, and sophisticated but warm tone of the space, captured the atmosphere of the condominiums up for sale.